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We read differently on the Web

Our copywriters know all about how we read online. It’s different to reading a newspaper, say, because you’re looking at a screen, which can be tiring on the eyes. Your website needs to say the right thing – and fast – in order to turn visitors into customers.

Professional Copywriting for your Website

Invest in having the content on your site written by a professional. Your website needs to sell the benefits of your company and persuade people to come to you. Using a copywriter will ensure that the right information is presently clearly and concisely.

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Do I need a Copywriter?

Well-written copy is easy to read and feels as though a friend is talking to you. The level pitched is neither patronising, nor overly complicated. You’re able to understand the wording at a glance, without having to spend too much time on the page.

A well-written site also feels easy to use, with clear direction and no confusing instructions.

You may be tempted to write the content yourself, but keep putting it off because you don’t know where to start. Or many people find that they try to present too much information in one go, making the pages very long.

It can be daunting writing about your own company, and most people feel that they aren’t quite able to ‘hit the nail on the head’. A copywriter can do this for you.

How does it work?

Our copywriting service provides you with a professional writer who will interview you to find out about your business, your customers, and your products and services. They will work with you to get the tone and language just right, using your style guide if you have one, or creating one for you.

They know what to say, how to say it, and they can get the job done quickly.

Our customers are always glad they’ve used a copywriter and would never go back to sitting in front of a blank page again!

Your website is your hardest-working salesman as it’s available 24/7, so it needs to say the right thing.
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