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Next Google PageRank Update 2013 & PR Update Expected Dates

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  • Jumpingpolarbear

    Most other sites predict it to happen around 28. January. Forgot abou that one or?

    • MegaMind

      The January PR update slipped to Feb for 2012 and typically we’ve seen a decline in updates over the years down for 4-5 a years to 3-4. The decline is indicative of Google trying to remove too much emphasis on webmasters chasing the PR numbers and focusing more on keeping content relevant and up-to-date. It’s all prediction of course!

  • Nadish Hussain

    Well this seems the first true post/ news about Google PR update for 2013 because most of the websites has posted that Google has updated their PR on 4th of February.

    Thanx for letting me know about the exact date:O