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Social Media & Blogs

We make Social Media Easy for you

The websites we build are simple for you to use and one element of this is integrating your social channels. This means your customers can connect to you on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere, such as YouTube. We can also create and manage social media accounts for you.

Sharing your News

Writing blogs is a simple way to share your company’s news. We can build this functionality into your website, making it a doddle to keep your customers up-to-date with what’s going on. If you already have a news or blog feed then we can add this into the site.

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Do I Need Social Media?

Your customers are already talking about you on social media. They’re asking what time you open, whether you have more details on your products and wanting recommendations from their friends. If you’re not joining in the conversation, you could be missing out on valuable feedback, the chance to build brand awareness and increasing customer loyalty.

If you’re not sure where to start then we can help you set up your accounts (for example: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and show you how to use them. We can even manage them for you.

If you’re already using social media, then we can add your chosen channels into your website, by displaying simple icons, or showing more content, like images.

Blogging is Important

Search engines like it when your website is updated regularly. It tells them that the site is well-maintained and providing interesting content. The engines reward this behaviour by moving your site up the results pages, meaning more people will see your site.

Many companies add their news stories into a blog because it is easy to use.

We can add a this functionality into the website we build for you, meaning you’ll be able to add as many posts as you like, on a schedule that suits you.

Pressed for time? We can write and manage your posts for you, sharing them on social media and increasing your company’s profile online.
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